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Noncitizens Living with HIV/AIDS

After twenty-two years of advocacy on behalf of noncitizens living with HIV/AIDS, the National Immigration Project celebrates the lifting of the HIV immigration ban. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a final rule removing HIV from the regulations relating to immigration. The rule took effect on January 4, 2010. For years, the National Immigration Project has been working to educate legal and health service providers about the extremely limited immigration options of HIV-positive noncitizens and to advocate for expanded legal rights under U.S. immigration law.

Read the final HIV rule as published in the Federal Register.

During the transition period, as the government implements the lifting of the HIV ban, the NIPNLG’s legal analysis and strategies will continue to play a pivotal role. Director of Legal Advocacy Ellen Kemp is the primary contact for technical assistance and educational materials for the Project’s attorney members, legal workers, advocates, law students, case managers, and the public regarding immigration options for noncitizens living with HIV/AIDS. The National Immigration Project is a member of key national advocacy efforts and coalitions dedicated to improving access to legal options for noncitizens living with HIV/AIDS.


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