Lawsuit challenging the Chicago Police Department’s placement of Mr. Catalan-Ramirez into its gang database and ICE’s unlawful conduct in his arrest and detention

Press Releases

ICE Releases Man After 10 Months of Wrongful Detention »
January 25, 2018 — False Inclusion in Chicago Police Department’s Gang Database Made Immigrant a Deportation Target

Man Whose False Inclusion in CPD Gang Database Made him ICE Target Reaches Settlement with City of Chicago
December 6, 2017 — Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez Clears Name after Nightmare Immigration Raid

Family Sues ICE, City of Chicago, after Gang Database Information Led to Violent Immigration Raid that Left Immigrant Severely Injured »
May 1, 2017 — Wife of Man Duing ICE, Detention Center and the Chicago Police Department to speak at May Day Rally to demand justice for her husband, call out the City of Chicago for sharing erroneous data with ICE that led to a violent immigration raid and the detention of her husband


Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez v. Wong et al »
September 6, 2017 — Seven ICE agents forced entry into Mr. Catalan-Ramirez’s home without a warrant or consent. During this illegal raid, several ICE agents slammed Mr. Catalan-Ramirez on the ground and fractured his left shoulder...The agents’ use of force against Mr. Catalan-Ramirez was wholly unnecessary and disproportionate as Mr. Catalan-Ramirez did not resist in any way when the agents arrested him...

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