NIPNLG has a lengthy history of publicly honoring outstanding members of the immigrant rights community.

Each year, during the annual National Lawyers Guild (NLG) convention (#Law4thePeople), we honor an individual with the Carol Weiss King Award, and an organization with the Daniel Levy Award. The Carol Weiss King Award was established in 1987 in memory of prominent U.S. lawyer Carol Weiss King (1895-1952), who specialized in immigration law and the defense of the civil rights of immigrants, and was a founding member of the NLG. The Daniel Levy Award was established in 2002 in memory of beloved scholar and nationally known defender of immigrant and refugee rights, Daniel Levy, who also authored the U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Handbook.

Our Awardees embody the kind of fierce, bold immigrant advocacy and law that is the bedrock of the National Immigration Project.

Congratulations to all of our awardees, listed below by year:


Annie Benson (Carol King Award)
Mijente (Daniel Levy Award)


Jayashri Srikantiah (Carol King Award)
Dulles Justice Coalition and Muslim American Women Policy Forum (Daniel Levy Award)


Javier Maldonado (Carol King Award)
Georgia Latina Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) (Daniel Levy Award)


Ahilan Arulanantham (Carol King Award)
Causa Justa / Just Cause (Daniel Levy Award)


Mary Kenney (Carol King Award)
Cook County Anti-Detainer Coalition (Daniel Levy Award)


Cecillia Wang (Carol King Award)
National recipient: Andrea Black/Detention Watch Network; Local recipient: Centro de la Mujer Dominicana (Puerto Rico) (Daniel Levy Award)


Nancy Hormachea (Carol King Award)
Stop LAPD Spying! Coalition (Daniel Levy Award)


Holly Cooper (Carol King Award)
Uncover the Truth Campaign — Cardozo Law, NDLON, and CCR (Daniel Levy Award)


Barbara Hines (Carol King Award)
New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice (Daniel Levy Award)


Robert Gibbs and Robert Pauw (Carol King Award)
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) (Daniel Levy Award)


Michael Maggio and Joseph Vail (post-humously) (Carol King Award)
ACLU of Southern California’s Immigration Team (Daniel Levy Award)


Katherine Brady (Carol King Award)
New Bedford, Massachusetts Raids Response Legal Team (Daniel Levy Award)


Judy Rabinovitz (Carol King Award)
Political Asylum Project of Austin and Casa de Proyecto Libertad of Harlingen (Daniel Levy Award)


Larry Kleinman (Carol King Award)
Susan Lydon and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (Daniel Levy Award)


Daniel Hoyt Smith (Carol King Award)
Laura Luis Hernandez Legal Team (Daniel Levy Award)


Karen Musalo (Carol King Award)
Oficina Legal/Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, and Centro Legal, Inc. (Daniel Levy Award)


Linton Joaquin and Gail Pendleton (Carol King Award)
National Immigration Law Center (Daniel Levy Award)
Carol Weiss King Awardees from previous years:

2001: Daniel Levy

2000: Dan Kesselbrenner

1999: Terry Helbush

1998: Lucas Guttentag

1997: Patty Blum and Lisa Brodyaga

1996: Ira Kurzban

1995: Ignatius Bau and Bill Tamayo

1993: Lory Rosenberg

1992: Maria Jimenez

1991: ABC Legal Team and Gary Silbiger

1990: Lee Teran

1989: Harvey Kaplan

1988: Orantes Legal Team

1987: Marc Van Der Hout